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In this talk Jocelyne will share the information found in the Ageless Wisdom teachings on the founding of this Ashram, how it was formed and the significance of the quality of synthesis.   She will discuss how this unique and powerful ashram was created to play a most vital and imperative part in bringing about the New Aquarian Civilization, one that will bring spiritual principles into the daily life and affairs of every field of human endeavor.

She will demonstrate how the Law of Synthesis governs the universal tendency for apparently separate parts to gravitate towards union and to seek an arrangement that leads to a state of synthesis and how it directs cosmic motion towards synthesis, and ultimately, towards union with a synthesized whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Jocelyne Traub

Jocelyne Traub is a student and teacher of The Ageless Wisdom. She holds a degree in Esoteric Psychology from the University of the Seven Rays and is currently a faculty member at the Morya Federation, an internet based esoteric school offering a comprehensive course of study in meditation and the teachings of the Master DK. Mas