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The Toronto Theosophical Society is a wholly independent chartered lodge since 1891. Thus, we are a more eclectic lodge, a spiritual center in the true sense, fostering the study of various Esoteric Traditions, and philosophy. Our united effort is to gain direct esoteric knowledge from those advanced intelligences, the Masters of Wisdom, and Devas to help inspire our service to Humanity, and the eventual perception of true Brotherhood. Our various study groups and library are there to awaken the spirit of spiritual inquiry. To further one’s knowledge in a practical sense, encouraging our members to examine all concepts and beliefs with an open mind and respect for other people’s beliefs and knowledge

The word theosophy is derived from the Greek ‘theos’, which means “god” and ‘sophia’ which means “wisdom”. At the core of our study is the ageless teaching given to man, history tells us, by Hermes Trismegistus, “Man know thyself”. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky said, “Theosophy is Atma-vidya”, the true Spiritual and Divine Wisdom. Atma-vidya is the study of the ‘Self’ in all its aspects, from the physical/etheric (prana) body, the emotional, astral body (kama-rupa), to our minds (manas), the body of consciousness, our souls (jiva atma), and the enlighten body (buddhi), all an emanation of ‘atma’ the (All) SELF. It is through this study that we become increasingly aware of our spiritual nature, the nature of the universe, and humanities place in it.

Theosophy today is evolving, and the Toronto Lodge is at the forefront of this effort by leaping over the restrictive views of traditional Theosophist who limit the Theosophy to HPB. The Toronto Lodge is very wide-ranging and diverse, also including in our studies the works of Alice A. Bailey (teachings of the Master DK.), and Agni Yoga. All are expressions of Theosophical teachings. The esoteric knowledge given out by HPB was the bedrock, the teaching of AAB was the next step as it added instructions for the practical work of disciples in the coming age. The Toronto Theosophical Society embraces the evolution of Theosophical ideas and practices, encouraging advancing the discovery of the spiritual aspects of life and of humanity.
“Here and there twinkles a point of light which marks a nature still somewhat spiritual, a person who aspires and struggles after the higher knowledge. If the beacon of Ageless Wisdom, the true occultism shall ever be kindled again, these scattered sparks must be combined to make its flame. And this is the task of the Theosophical Society. Master Koot Hoomi (Mahatma Letters pg. 378).