The Toronto Theosophical Society is a wholly independent chartered lodge since 1891. Thus, we are a more eclectic lodge, a spiritual center in the true sense, fostering the study of various Esoteric Traditions, and philosophy.

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“After all, every wish and thought I can utter are summed up in this one sentence, the never-dormant wish of my heart, “Be Theosophists, work for Theosophy!” Theosophy first, and Theosophy last; for its practical realization alone can save the Western world … Theosophy alone can save it from sinking entirely into that mere luxurious materialism in which it will decay and putrefy as civilizations have done. In your hands, brothers, is placed in trust the welfare of the coming century; and great as is the trust, so great is also the responsibility. My own span of life may not be long, and if any of you have gained by my help a glimpse of the True Light, I ask you, in return, to strengthen the Cause by the triumph of which that True Light, made still brighter and more glorious through your individual and collective efforts, will lighten the World….” [H.P. Blavatsky, “Five Messages to the American Theosophists” p. 26, 31]


Take part in our study groups

Our study groups are a great opportunity to widen your personal spiritual horizons and to be an active member in the Toronto Theosophical Society. Three groups are listed here with several more being planned. Contact us at the Toronto TS for more information.

Toronto Esoteric

Our united group effort is to gain direct esoteric knowledge from those advanced intelligences,

Secret Doctrine

Since the founding of the Toronto Theosophical Society in 1891, the study of H.P.

Agni Yoga

Russian speaking woman group, practicing yoga, tai chi , physical exercises , discussing different type of topics of new age stream.

Vedic Study

“Vedic Knowledge in Toronto” meets every other Sunday afternoon. Our goal is to learn the true meaning of our lives, understand what happiness is, and practice ways to reach it.

Thursday Evening Study Group

We will be starting a Thursday evening study group lead by the President of the TTS, meeting every Thursday at 7:30 – 9pm. We will start with Annie Beasant’s book on Esoteric Christianity. This is an open group, everyone is welcome. Come join us!

Our Reviews

Vitaly M
Vitaly M
If you have been led here for whatever reason, it’s your duty to come and see and experience for yourself 💨⚡️📚 Great People , Great Environment , Genuine Seekers 🙏🙏🙏
Anna Kanshina
Anna Kanshina
Most welcoming place for spiritual development!
Theosophical Society Toronto
Theosophical Society Toronto
Toronto Theosophical Society is NOT a sport club. Toronto Theosophical Society is spiritual organization!!!!!!!

Our Events

Members of the Toronto Esoteric Group, one of the study groups at the Toronto Theosophical Society taking part in our WESAK Full Moon meditation celebration on Friday, May 5/2023. We started with a short introduction on the importance of WESAK for humanity, then began our meditation by invoking the Masters of Wisdom, then chanted the mantra of Gautama, the Buddha, finishing with the Great Invocation. Then we had snacks and excellent conversations to finish the celebration. 

Our Mission

To introduce, teach, and promote the Esoteric Traditions, both East and West, which will lead to an inner awakening and greater Soul consciousness, which will help us to form a nucleus of the ideal goal of Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or color.