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Atma Vidya

Toronto Esoteric Group

Our united group effort is to gain direct esoteric knowledge from those advanced intelligences, the Masters of Wisdom, and Devas that guide Humanity. We stress a strong meditation technique awakening a ‘center of awareness’ that creates a ‘cone of fire’ aligning our group to the Spiritual Hierarchy. The purpose of our meditation is to build the power of group invocation (as explained in Letters on Occult Meditation by Alice A. Bailey) creating a magnetized center of force that will evoke those great beings that watch, inspire, and guide humanity. We study a broad spectrum of Theosophy, which includes the works of the Master DK as presented in the books of Alice A. Bailey, plus we focus on several esoteric Mandalas for meditation, such as, ‘Atma-Vidya’ and the Five Buddhas of Transformation, working to first truly understand them, and then to make our esoteric work practical in our daily lives. We are an experiment in the Group Work, we meet on the physical plane, working together, learning the deeper meaning of Group discipline, alignment, and service to humanity. We are seeking interested individuals who truly want to join our efforts, and make a difference in their lives. Presently, we meet Tuesday evenings, 7:30pm at the Toronto Theosophical Society. Contact us before coming:

Secret Doctrine Study Group

Since the founding of the Toronto Theosophical Society in 1891, the study of H.P. Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine has been a weekly tradition with very few breaks. We currently meet on Zoom every Wednesday at 7:00 pm sharp (Eastern Time) and finish at 8:30, beginning with a ten-minute meditation. We read through the text, stopping frequently for discussion. Since we are well into Vol. I, any new person joining would need to be conversant with theosophical ideas. If interested please contact us at

Agni Yoga Study Group

Russian speaking woman group, practicing yoga, tai chi , physical exercises , discussing different type of topics of new age stream.