Symposium on the Teachings of the Tibetan Master DK

(Practical teachings, discussions, panel Q & A, meditation and future insights)

This is a 2-day event, Saturday March 16, 11am-6 pm, Sunday 11am-4pm
Toronto Theosophical Society, 792 Glencairn Ave. Toronto, Ontario

A)Initial program: Topics from Letters on Occult Meditation
1. What is alignment, the process of centering
2. Importance of the OM in Group Work (How to sound the OM)
3. Esoteric purification, importance, procedures.

From Glamour a World Problem

1. Understanding and means to over-come one’s personal

B)Other Topic:

1. Rules of Group Work (where group meets in person)
2. Reading between the lines; going deeper into the teachings of
the Master DK.
3. 3 types of Service in the Group Work.
4. Synthesis, the way of the Future teachings

C)Panel Discussion: Moderator + advanced students on the esoteric Group Work/
Esoteric Healing
D) What’s it like being in an intense group, benefits & drawbacks.
E) Preparation for WESAK: Learn to chant the mantra of Gautama, the Buddha
F) Introduction to Ritual, its importance, what you can achieve, and we’ll do a
short ritual for those who want to take part.
G) Group meditation: means to contact your Master.