“If you are looking for more and more knowledge, you are theosophist”

What is theosophy?
Theo means divinity, in Greek, and Sofia, wisdom.
Divine wisdom?
All the deep wisdom, a deep knowledge of the reality of the universe … that we can access.
Do you know that deep reality?
Every day I am interested in advancing more and more in that knowledge.
It is theosophist, then.
All human beings, if we seek more knowledge, we are Theosophists.
Who was the first theosophist?
Theosophy is born with human intelligence.
Who coined the term theosophy?
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Russian writer and occultist, who founded the Theosophical Society in 1875, in New York.
For what purpose?
Study Eastern wisdom and esoteric philosophy and disseminate modern theosophy: publish the works “Isis unveil ” and “The Secret Doctrine”.
What is the thing about?
Blavatsky says: “Clean life, open mind, pure heart, awake intellect, unveiled spiritual perception, brotherly affection for all, readiness for advice and instruction.”
Do you sign it?
And we defend universal brotherhood: there are no racial distinctions within theosophy. And we promote the comparative study of religion, philosophy and science. And we investigate the laws of nature and also explore the latent powers of the individual and the universe.
How many theosophists are there in the world?
We are about 30,000 Theosophists in the world. Most in the United States. But the most Theosophical population is that of Iceland.
Proportionally: 600 people out of a population of only 300,000.
What does Blavatsky’s “secret doctrine” study?
Cosmology, anthropogenesis …, what is reality, where do we come from … Earlier, in the 18th century, Kristian Rosenkreutz spoke of “divine science”.
Where we come from?
From a biological revolution in Homo Faber: we receive a spark (the human soul) from the eternal divine flame (the universal soul), from that intelligence behind the veil.
That’s not science …
Let’s discuss it.
And what happens when you die?
When you are born you come from something, not from nothing, and when you die you return to something, not nothing.
To what?
To pure consciousness without nominal identity.
What’s the point of this?
Everything is in continuous movement, everything is moving to evolve: you will return later if you can continue to evolve. They are waves of souls evolving!
Does that happen only on Earth or also on other planets?
I do not know, but it is unacceptable to our intelligence that we are alone in the universe.
Does universal intelligence have a plan?
The plan is to evolve eternally, without determinism: there is no point of arrival. A range of infinite possibilities opens up. We trace it in every choice we make.
How do you explain evil?
The crisis, war, disease, misery, suffering … are condiments of evolution.
Does not the good theosophist try to alleviate them?
Yes, through knowledge, meditation and prayer: I invoke invisible aids.
How does the Theosophist deal with the death of a loved one?
He feels the pain of separation, but he imposes the moral duty to sublimate it: he values ​​the spiritual evolution that the liberation of the soul of the deceased entails.
What should he do to be accepted as a Theosophist?
You are already theosophist in your soul.
Oh yeah?
The value as a Theosophist is given to you by the gaze of the other. If someone calls himself a theosophist … he is a false theosophist! And I see you theosophist.
Don’t trust me a hair.
To enter the Theosophical Society, assume these principles and participate in one of our activities on a monthly basis.
I’m just a member.
The theosophist, in his day to day, questions himself and seeks his self-realization.
Will that end wars, injustice, misery?
During this century wars will continue: war begins in our mind, and we have not yet reached knowledge.
What prevents us?
We ourselves, resistant to change: we do not want to improve because it means changing. The phrase we repeat the most, do you know what it is?
“I am like that”. It is hard for us to change.
It’s true.
Well, we will continue like this. All evolution requires movement, not to be anchored in statism.



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