Its origin, its diffusion, its harmful social effects, Economic and the opportunities it opens up for everyone

Emilio Carrillo: curriculum extract

Economist (Bachelor and PhD, with an Outstanding Degree in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of Seville), writer (66 books and more than 600 articles), lecturer (more than 850 conferences in 23 countries on five continents), Expert International in Local Development by the United Nations (No. 1 of his promotion) and civil servant (No. 1 of his promotion) of the Body of Technicians of the General Administration (as such, he occupies the position of Deputy Director General in the Diputación de Sevilla).

Member of the Spanish Theosophical Society.

Digital Translation. Compiled and extracted by D Hernandez TTS


To live with awareness, place yourself in the center of the hurricane and get the best of oneself

Faced with so much dystopia, the first thing is not to fall into the dynamics of panic in that they would like us to enter. Not for nothing, as has been reiterated, fear, Insecurity and uncertainty configure the ideal breeding ground for manipulation, alienation and, ultimately, unconsciousness.

And, from there, remember and emphasize the importance that, as always, but now more than ever, let us remain serenity, calm and consciousness; we place ourselves, from harmony and inner connection, in the center of the rapidly growing hurricane in which we are immersed (it is in the center of the typhoon where the sky remains clear, there is no wind and temperature is warm); and we are able to get the best of ourselves and put it at the service of others and of all forms of life with that we coexist on this beautiful planet that shelters and sustains us.

They would like us to sleep more, but it is also an opportunity to wake.

They would like to dehumanize us more, isolating us and generating distrust and confrontation between us, but it is still a splendid moment to cultivate solidarity, cooperation, altruism, generosity, empathy and understanding.

They would like to lock us up more in the small and miserable circles of the selfishness, self-centeredness and for himself who can, but he is also a magnificent setting for expanding compassion and insight.

They would like to imprison us more between the bars of the ephemeral and little me -The physical, emotional and mental self and the passing personality associated with it-, but is an extraordinary occasion to get out of the amnesia about our true to be, to remember our divine and imperishable nature and to bring forth from that ineffable essence all its qualities, raising our gaze.

Thus, with new eyes, we can promote a new humanity that really deserves such a qualifier and lives in peace and in tune with herself, with all living beings and with Mother Earth.

The new humanity: are you invited to it?

And that new humanity, incredible as it may now seem, is not far away. We do not know the day or the hour, but there are numerous signs that announce their arrival: in fact, we are before the death throes of the old world; before his last breaths. We will create it among many who, in the middle of dystopia, we consciously position ourselves in utopia from the inner transformation of each one and the opening of heart towards others.

Indeed, both, dystopia and utopia, run in unison and coexist in extreme tension in present humanity, by way of seemingly contradictory time trajectories. And the evolution in consciousness of humanity, as if it were a train, advances on these two rails, the dystopian and the utopian. And its advance is unstoppable because the extension of dystopia, through circumstances such as the coronavirus pandemic, serves as an impetus for more and more people to become aware and are vitally inclined towards the utopian line.

To better understand it, it should be remembered that evolution in Consciousness of each individual person operates exactly the same: the utopian

-The desire to grow, to be better, more aware, etc. – drives that evolution; but also the dystopian –the situations of suffering, the “dark nights praised by Saint John of the Cross- contributes in this regard, by getting us out of our “comfort habitat”, our egoist behaviors, our alienating distractions and entertainment.

Analogously, all dystopian events that accumulate ceaselessly they are here with a deep personal and collective sense. This does not he justifies those who cause them so much harm and pain. But what we live has a deep why and what for in your consciousness process and that of others.

This is how we are moving towards the new humanity. Yes, in it will have no place any of the things that have constituted the pillars of what which is already left behind and is crumbling by leaps and bounds: neither power nor wealth, nor competition, nor clinging to the material, nor contempt for other forms of life … None of that is invited. Are you?

This is the big question you have before you and that the pandemic of COVID-19, with all that it implies, emphasizes and highlights for you to realize. Only you can answer it.

Not with daydreams, hollow words, or statements of intent, but with your works and your actions in every moment of your life. It’s time to be impeccable with yourself, with your true self, and with Life in all its expressions and manifestations.

Dystopian events, such as those that the coronavirus has brought with it and will bring, they serve to break the mirror so that we can see -you, me, each …- in which side we are … What we see, what we are, we each choose each with our works and with our acts. No more self-deception. Touch be authentic.

It’s the moment.

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The Aquarian Theosophist, March 2020

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