A non-profit organization established in 1924 in Canada
There is No Religion Higher than Truth
There is No Religion Higher than Truth
The Canadian Federation of the Theosophical Society is also known as the Canadian Theosophical Association Inc. and, along with 56 other countries, is part of the Theosophical Society, formed in New York, on the 17th of November 1875. It was later incorporated in Adyar, Chennai, India, on the 3rd of April 1905, where it now has its Headquarters. The Society has three declared Objects:
  • To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or color.
  • To encourage the study of Comparative Religion, Philosophy, and Science.
  • To investigate the unexplained laws of Nature and the powers latent in humankind.
At the present time, lodges and study groups are found in:
Vancouver, British Columbia
Calgary, Alberta
Toronto, Ontario
Magog, Val David, and Montréal, Québec
Veritas Study Center, Calgary       Secretary: Lorraine Christensen
Meets twice a month
Lux Study Center, Calgary             Secretary: David Sztain
Meets every other Tuesday 
British Columbia    
Blavatsky Lodge, Vancouver         President: Maryse DeCoste
Meets every 3rd Sunday of the month.
Every Thursday evening for deeper studies.
See for info on up-coming topics.
York Lodge, Toronto                         President: Robert Lund
Meets monthly  
La Branche des Montagnes Bleues, Magog   Présidente: Monique Denis
This branch is divided into five groups, each studies a different topic and meets once a month.
La Branche La Montagne du Cerf, Val David/Ste-Agathe des Monts   Présidente: Jeanne-Louise Dufresne
Meets twice a month.
La Branche Satya, Montréal           Présidente: Évelyne Sulla
Meets twice a month.
Members who may not be able to connect with a local group are spread across Canada and can participate in activities such as the Annual General Membership meeting (AGM) and others (see our EVENT section), as well as receive our magazine the LIGHT BEARER every season on the 21st of March, June, September and December. 
How to Join
Please print out and complete the membership application form (downloadable below). The application with a cheque for one year of annual dues (no cash please) should be posted to the National secretary of the CTA at the address indicated on the form.
For residents of Canada, a one year membership is for the fiscal year starting on the 1st of May and expiring on the 31st of April the following year. The cost is $40 per person or $60 for two related members living at the same address. It includes a subscription to our magazine, The Light Bearer.
Canadian residents can request an information packet, including a free copy of our magazine The Light Bearer, by sending a message from our CONTACT US section.
Non-Canadian residents wishing to become members should contact the National Secretary for further information.

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