Bringing back the Masters Sat. March 7, 12-5 pm, Sun. 12-3 pm

bringing-back-the-mastersBringing back the Masters


Re-defining Theosophy Today

2-day conference, March 7-8/20, Toronto Theosophical Society 

This is the initial announcement for this conference to explore the next step forward for the Theosophical Society, engaging the needs of those aspiring to Divine Wisdom in today’s societal environment. Of prime importance, will be reaffirming the pivotal position of the Masters of Wisdom as exponents of Theosophical knowledge, and acquiring the methods of access to the Masters.  The cycle is returning, access to the Masters is possible, for those who are willing to take a leap off a thousand-foot pole, a Zen idiom, that specifies what conscious faith is, awakened through the practice of occult meditation.

Why is this effort necessary today? The times have changed! People today are more knowledgeable about what was esoteric in the nineteenth century, where today it is exoteric; such concepts as, reincarnation, karma, mantra, yoga, and meditation. When HPB was introducing these ideas, how many people in the west meditated, or knew about yoga?  Today, many people follow some form of meditation, do some Yoga, and even sound the OM, or some mantra when they meditate. Also, with the migration of people from the East to the West, the culture of the East is shifting westward.  Now there are Hindu, Buddhist, and even Taoist temples in the West.  Many young people are now attracted to some form of Yoga or Buddhism, whether Tibetan or Zen, because they want to “experience something” truly spiritual, they are not that interested in a scholarly viewpoints or arguments, reading through weighty material.  Thus, in North America, there are very few young people exploring Theosophy, while Tibetan Buddhist facilities attract many younger people who are sincerely searching.  Theosophy, as HPB said, is “Atma-Vidya”…this knowledge can only truly be understood when it is combined with correct occult meditation.

Some of  the topic that will be discussed at the conference:


Who are the Masters? What does access to them entail?

Methods of approach…through meditation.

Role of the Master’s today.

The future holds for each and all who duly strive, who unselfishly serve and occultly meditate, the promise of knowing Those Who already have full knowledge of the struggling aspirant.

Seed Schools for the externalization of Hierarchy.

Theosophy today, has it changed? There is no initiate at the helm…What does Theosophy need to evolve?


Plus Workshops:  Building one’s conscious Center of Awareness.

Methods of access to the Masters through meditation.


(Conference times will be announced closer to the date)







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