Aphorism of the Temple

“Days come and days go, but if you stay awake, you will see and understand that:

The BURDEN that you put on the heart of a friend, God will transfer to your own, and if this burden weighs heavily on the heart of a friend, then it will weigh even more heavily on yours in the days to come.

The STONE, thrown by you from the path of the blind, will crush the viper lurking in anticipation of you.

The WEIGHT with which you have weighed down the footsteps of another will pull your own legs into the abyss of sorrow.

The SHELTER, given by you to the wanderer, will protect you from the violent storms of life.

 The JEWEL, stolen by you from the chest of another, will burn and torment the chest on which it is hidden.

 The BREAD that you gave to the hungry will turn into many breads for you. The LIES, with the help of which you reached the goal, will eat up your life energy.

The TEARS that you caused from the eyes of another will furrow your face with deep wrinkles.

The CORD, tied by you on the shoe of the lame and crippled, will bind the hands of your enemies.

 The FIRE, supported by you in order to scorch another, will burn you with its flame.

 The LAW OF JUSTICE cannot be violated forever. You must also collect what you have sown, whether it will be in joy or sorrow, in suffering or peace.

YOU CAN mark the sowing hour, but the harvest hour will strike only by obeying the hand of the Lord. I said.”

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