The central problem facing the Theosophical Society in many countries is the continuous diversification of the interests of the members and the apparently permissible expansion of interests and areas of study and research, as a consequence of the extensions of knowledge that are now being achieved in many fields. Intellectuals. , psychological and psychic. These inevitably distract members from the original central thought and group of ideas – theoretical and practical – it was designed to present. It is true that all members are free and must remain so, but a “voice” is needed to warn about the danger to the effectiveness of the theosophical movement, to prevent and solve the evils that have occurred, the serious disadvantages for which humanity it is becoming increasingly threatened.

The core theosophical teachings, the basic theosophical truths that the Society was founded to promote, are in danger of assuming a secondary position, replaced by what to some may seem modern and therefore more interesting concepts. This is a mistake. In fact, none of them are new, despite the fact that the scientific, psychological and psychic developments that come to the public mind require careful study, planning and resolution of the ways in which they can be applied in practice to solve the dangerous developments that they are occurring in some countries and groups. These must be listed and the many solutions that Theosophy makes available must be applied and applied very realistically, without question. I would be happy to suggest that the modern pressing problems and dangers and their immediate and long-term solutions be answered in the light of Theosophy. The basic question, especially acute at this point, is the threat of war and how to guarantee permanent world peace. This is accentuated by the latest scientific discoveries from leading countries in the production of increasingly deadly weapons and other means of mass or individual destruction. In other words, what is really needed, very urgently, we believe, is what could be called a fraternization of the peoples of all nations, especially those with selfless motives. Members of the human race must now collaborate more and more to confront this danger and consolidate the unshakeable foundation of the organized international effort for world peace. The United Nations cannot achieve this for many reasons, one of the main ones being the need to avoid departure and the lack of cooperation from nations that disagree, for example, those seeking world domination. Has not the time come when billions of people, realizing these dangers, must join an international effort that could be called “AN INVITATION TO SAVE THE HUMAN CAREER FROM THE DANGER OF MUTUAL EXTINCTION”

Another serious problem consists, as you well know, in the irrational increase in cruelty throughout the world, from man to man and from man to animals. The main ways should be listed together with the formulation of a call for their solution. A third problem is the global distribution of food to stop the deaths of millions, and the misery resulting from the hunger of millions more. Behind and in the middle of all this is the yearning for more power, financial superiority and national technological advancement ahead of other nations in weapons of war and industrial and biological developments and industrial exports. The call, then, perhaps in better language is: “HUMAN BEINGS ON EARTH MUST BE UNITED.”

Love must replace direct hatred and the absence of love in the deliberate use of cruelty within countries and beyond their borders. Don’t you think it is better to invite close and willing people so that everyone can collaborate in this activity, attracting all those who are willing to cooperate and who can do so effectively? And emphasizing the inescapable function and operation of the Law of Cause and Effect that operates at the national level, in groups and, obviously, in individuals, beneficially when love and harmlessness reign, and very destructively when its opposites are accepted and used to obtain benefits. Although they may be responsible for initiating such a movement, others must also take responsibility if they are successful.

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