The first Symposium on Alternative Healing

The first Symposium on Alternative Healing will take place here at the Theosophical Society
on Sunday, April 29 from 12 noon till 6 pm. sponsored by the Tuesday evening Esoteric Healing group.
The Symposium will feature a line-up of great speakers, including Robin Armstrong a famous Toronto
astrologer who will do a multi-media talk on the Maps of Consciousness and how astrology can give you
insights that lead to greater self-knowledge and to an harmonious life.  Also on the roster: Amy Nuno-Amarteifio,
a Reiki Master will add her insights on Esoteric Healing or Energy Healing looking at the causes of disease
and how they first manifest in the vital body before apperaing in the physical body. Esoteric healing points
to a way of healing in the future free of drugs. Cyrus Ryan,a meditation expert, will speak on Healing of the
Future, from Discord to Harmony, based on the Seven Rays and Meditation using sound.
To conclude the day there will be a WESAK festival meditation for the Full Moon celebrating the Buddha’s
yearly blessings that fills the planet stimulating humanity to goodwill, brotherhood and inner awakening.
We will teach you the mantra to chant on this WESAK to invoke the blessings of the Buddha to help
accelerate our own spiritual progress by taking part in this sacred yearly event.  Do miss this event, there
is no charge and we will have tea and snacks available too.
See attached psychic photograph taken in Tibet of Lord Maitreya and Symposium poster. seminar-healing-3-ts maitreya-tibetan-temple

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